Jubilee 2025 updates


Heading towards the meeting of February 2024

“Pilgrims of hope on the path of peace” is the theme of the jubilee for consecrated life to be held in Rome on October 8 and 9, 2025. Preparation for this important event has already begun in 2023 through online meetings between representatives of the different forms of consecrated life and meetings of the commission established to organize the agenda and preparations for the jubilee days.

The jubilee is an event of great spiritual, social and ecclesial significance, an important time when God’s people ask to experience God’s forgiveness and mercy. Jubilees throughout Church history have marked, like milestones, the ecclesial journey. Consecrated women and men are also called to be, particularly on the occasion of the coming jubilee, witnesses and prophets of hope and peace.

Consecrated life, responding to Pope Francis’ call to create, through the Jubilee journey, a climate of hope and trust as a sign of rebirth for which all humanity feels the need, wants to reflect on the great need for peace, an urgent need of our time.

The next stage of preparation will be the meeting that will take place from February 1 to 4, 2024 in Rome, which will be attended by about three hundred consecrated women and men, representatives of the different forms of consecrated life: a male religious, a female religious, a member of a secular institute and a consecrated woman belonging to the Ordo Virginum, from each country.

During the meeting, some of the themes that emerged from the online meetings will be explored: the need for personal, ecclesial, and social reconciliation and associated attitudes, the industriousness of faith, the hard work of charity, and the steadfastness of hope. Each participant is invited to identify in his or her own country which areas are most in need of reconciliation and which seeds of hope have already been sown and are budding. The event will conclude with a mandate to return to their country as signs of reconciliation among men and women in preparation for the February 2, 2025 Jubilee celebration to be held in each country.

Journeying toward the Jubilee of Consecrated Life 2025: as we continue to advance.

20 November 2023


As we continue to journey toward the Jubilee of Consecrated Life, scheduled to take place in Rome 8-9 October 2025, we recall the inspirational letter Pope Francis addressed to His Excellency Archbishop Rino Fisichella, pro-prefect of the Dicastery of Evangelization on 11 February 2022. Wanting to respond to the Pope’s “desiderata” the Dicastery for Consecrated Life thought of a proposal for consecrated persons that would combine the word hope with the word peace, in a world thirsting for peace and reconciliation. Consequently, it set up a special commission that prepared a four-phase itinerary alternating activities in the respective countries and others in Rome.

The upcoming meeting in Rome, 1-4 February 2024, with a gathering of more than 300 delegates representing Consecrated Life from all over the world, will be a special time to share experiences of Consecrated Life in this sphere and receive a mandate to return to their countries as signs of reconciliation for all humanity. Four representatives from different countries (a religious man, a religious woman, a member of the Ordo virginum and a member of a secular institute) were invited.


To make this meeting possible, representatives from across the spectrum of consecrated life gathered virtually on 12 October to share and reflect on the challenges and joys of their vocation in the current context of the world and the Church.


This event was a witness to the universality and diversity of forms in which Consecrated Life manifests itself. Experiences were shared on the lived experience of being a leaven of reconciliation and hope in society. Each participant’s contribution served to strengthen the collective commitment to a shared journey of prayer and action in preparation for the Jubilee.


Subsequently, on 23 October, the Jubilee Commission continued its work, delving into the agenda and preparations for the Jubilee days in Rome. It is a Commission that is expanding with the participation of representatives from different countries, in the desire to work together with a synodal style of listening and discernment. It is concerned with ensuring that events and celebrations reflect the lived realities of consecrated persons worldwide and respond to the challenges identified at the first meeting.



The Jubilee with the slogan “Pilgrims of hope, on the way of peace” takes the form of a call to consecrated men and women throughout the world to reconciliation, conversion and sacramental penance, as well as to solidarity, justice and joy in God’s service. This sacred time seeks to promote holiness of life, strengthening faith and encouraging works of solidarity and fraternal communion within the Church and society.

The national preparation for this great meeting invites each country to identify both the areas where the need for reconciliation is strongest and the seeds of reconciliation that are already present. This process of discernment and action is an integral part of the journey toward the celebration of the national Jubilee and eventually the worldwide Jubilee.

15 January 2024