Walking Together Towards a New Horizon of Peace and Hope


Many of us still have in our hearts and eyes the beautiful experience we had in Rome at the meeting held from 1 to 4 February, one of the steps on the Path towards the World Jubilee of Consecrated Life to be celebrated in Rome in October 2025.

Dialogue, sharing, listening, singing, reflecting, praying, art, walking, past, future, joys, labors, sorrows... words to which we TOGETHER gave voice; words that we clothed with the life of each and every one of us and of all the sisters and brothers who live in the countries from which we come.

This is the mandate we gave ourselves. Pilgrims of hope on the road to peace consecrated men and women together, and together with our brothers and sisters who are ‘next door’...

To have done it TOGETHER, men, women, religious men and women, members of the ordo virginum, members of secular institutes, was perhaps for some a new experience. For everyone it has been a richness that we do not want to lose, but rather to share.

In this time leading up to the Jubilee of consecrated life at the national level (2 February 2025), let us remember the verbs that accompanied the days spent in Rome: BELIEVE GROW WALK WITNESS. From April onwards, we will publish some thematic videos with the desire to accompany you on your journeys.

May our steps, our plans be sustained by prayer, that personal and communal dialogue with God that leads us to experience the strength of our faith and sustains our commitment in today’s world, in the different contexts in which we are called to live and to which we are called to go in order to bring the proclamation of God’s mercy to the whole world.

31 March 2024